In John Burningham’s enchanting and truthful compendium of childhood the well known and the unknown contribute funny, moving, magical and occasionally dark childhood memories. From Michael Palin’s memory of seaside holidays with his dad and Seamus Heaney’s evocation of a crashed Cadbury’s chocolate van (‘a trail of silver papers up the road’) to the institutional upbringing of the mixed-race child of a black GI in the 1950s and a typical rural childhood in the Scottish highlands, it is full of evocative memories. And woven into the mix is a rich selection of quotations and fifty more of John Burningham’s witty and poignant drawings.


“’Thankfully, this collection of new and classic childhood memoirs steers well clear of sentimental mythology. Instead, we have some refreshingly dark memories of the wonder years … other highlights come from such diverse sources as Kofi Annan and Michael Palin. The tales are entertaining in themselves but their real value is how they elucidate the adults the children grew into’” –  Glasgow Herald

“’A magical and moving selection … will make you laugh and cry’” –  Family Circle

“’It’s a good project and I wish you all the best with it’” –  Seamus Heaney

“’Immensely worthwhile … an impressive selection of contemporary writers … Burningham’s anthology left me altered and thoughtful’” –  Julie Myerson, Daily Telegraph